1. "Sometimes a person prays with tears. When the words are missing, Allah knows our hearts"

  2. "Before going to sleep, evaluate your day. Pay thanks to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala for your good deeds and ask His forgiveness for your mistakes because there may be no tomorrow."

  3. "I should have been more kind. That is something a person will never regret. You will never say to yourself when you are old, ‘Ah, I wish I was not good to that person.’ You will never think that."

    - Khaled Hosseini, And The Mountains Echoed (via momnaaaa)

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  4. "The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts."

    - Aurelius, Marcus. Meditations.  (via wordsnquotes)

    (via wordsnquotes)

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  6. rneerkat:

    arteries will always hold a special place in my heart

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  7. sange-saboor:

    getting to know yourself, working on yourself, and changing yourself are all forms of ibadat. 

    "man ‘arafa nafsahu faqad ‘arafa Rabbahu
    Whosoever knows himself knows his Lord.”

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  8. inthenameofallah:

From @islamictweets


    From @islamictweets

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  9. barebackinq:

    Me: Mom I don’t think I am getting any better, I still feel sick…


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